The New, Improved Playwright's Survival Guide

“I just finished your book. Wow. Wow ! Your book is smart, pragmatic, hilarious, full of love...your profound generosity, the way in which you bare yourself, use your own highs and lows and hard-fought wisdom to instruct and encourage - what a great gift you've given playwrights.”

• Gary Sunshine, playwright

“A lot of things I've read have changed my outlook on life-”All My Sons,” “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” “Invisible Man,” to name a few. I'm writing, first and foremost to thank you for adding “The Playwright's Survival Guide” to that list. Your book is filled with so much wisdom, so much good advice and so many helpful observations it's impossible not to change the way I think about playwriting and being a playwright.”

• R. Eric Thomas, playwright

“I read the book and loved it - such a highly original approach to BEING a writer, in addition to exploring the art of writing itself.”

• Mead Hunter, former literary manager, Portland Stage

"I read your wonderful book about writing. It's a great read, and so good for writers. It underlined everything I've always felt about writing, but never put into words. But you did. Bravo.”

• Kate Snodgrass, Artistic Director, Boston Playwrights

“...Your honesty and your humor are making me laugh out loud with tears of joy and pain streaming down my face. I want to give it to everyone I know - it's such a life lesson.”

• Carolyn J. Griffin, Managing Director, Metro Stage

“Your sections on self-promotion, dealing with criticism, and working with directors have really been invaluable to me, I read them over and over. I also recommend your book to any other playwright who will hold still long enough, but I won't loan out my copy, they have to buy their own.”

• Debra Neff Nathans, playwright

“Just finished your book, man. Really inspiring and some great info. Also laugh out loud funny, very human. Just a great book that I would and will recommend to any creative artist. Real life lessons there."

• Gino DiIorio, playwright

“My god, what a book. I am going to teach from it tonight, and every night...require it as reading. As should every scriptwriting teacher in the land.”

• Lee Gundersheimer, acting, playwriting teacher

“(Your Book is) WONDERFUL, and it taught me more of what I need to know in the one sitting I took to finish it than the last year and a half of graduate school. I love you for writing it and for caring enough about us to write it.”

• Rebecca Basham, playwright

"I am a teacher of drama and playwriting at a private school in the midwest and we are on Spring Break right now. I decided that I was going to sit still and read a book and your book was it... What an incredible breath of fresh air! And inspirational too. I got up one day and finally put down on paper (rather, computer screen...) a play that had been rattling around in my head for awhile. Thank you for sharing your journey... Thank you for saying right out loud that we can be nice to each other in theatre."

• Maureen Brady Johnson, playwright, teacher

"The fundamental value of this book (The Playwrights Survival Guide) is that it outs the playwright as a vulnerable human, living in the messy and dirty real world. It totally eschews the view of the playwright as a creative genius in a garret and embraces him or her as part of a complex ecology. The tone is chatty, not analytical, more Ethel Merman than Antonin Artaud. The book is good company."

• Mike Kenny, Research in Education


Gary Garrison

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